EMS (there is a chase, security)

Asia is 1, 600yen.
Oceania, North America, Central America, Near and Middle East is 2, 200 yen.
Other countries is 2, 600 yen
About shipment
If the receipt of money is completed, I send it within three days from tomorrow.

 About paying
 ※Only as for the credit card

About cancellation
Because I prepare for the shipment, after receipt of money confirmation, the cancellation is impossible.
About returned goods
There is not the expense to suffer from returned goods when a product unlike an order or a damaged product arrives (from a delivery date less than three days)

I bear the postage for coming and going here.
The returned goods & exchange with a protection bag, the box is excluded.
The damage by the shipment is targeted for total amount security.
I keep the cabinet and take a picture, and, please contact me to our shop.

Returned goods by the returned goods & visitor receipt refusal by visitor circumstances 

The returned goods by visitor circumstances (from a delivery date less than three days) 

The expense that it costs for returned goods
Office work fee (20% of product price)
Transfer fee in case of the delivery charges (the expense that it really cost not the charge) repayment
Packing materials charges (100 yen)
It becomes the repayment on having deducted the above-mentioned total from the purchase price.

In the case of any reason, it is impossible of returned goods & exchange
It is passed more than four days by the arrival to the product
The product which was used even once
Sale product, discount product, attributive quality, order product

Instructions of the returned goods
I refund it only when it is returned goods along following four points.
・Contact our store within three days after the arrival of the product.
・Finish return within three days from a day received the product.
・On the occasion of return, a chase, security are possible delivery.
・The return after 4th is nonrefundable.
 I refund it within three business days after return.

Entry example (cart)